About Us

Established in 2006, PAYDAY.PH is a 100% Filipino-owned Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solutions company that has 30 years of combined experience in Human Resource Management, Accounting Management and IT Solutions Development.

With a total of 35,000 client headcount (and counting), PAYDAY.PH has been providing companies the best managed software solution that processes payroll computations and employee records instantly with a few clicks, making administration and/or HR duties done in a breeze.


PAYDAY.PH aims to:

Provide sound and realistic solutions in payroll and timekeeping to those companies in need, most especially those that has a growing number of employees;

Provide the best quality service and solutions that can adapt to today’s fast-paced technology and constantly changing government compliance requirements.


PAYDAY.PH wants to:

Be one of the top local providers in the Philippines that meet the needs in Payroll, Timekeeping and HRIS;

Compete globally by the year 2025.



We believe in creativity and excellence.

Passion brings out the best in us. This is what fuels us to give our 100% in everything that we do. This drive triggers an impulse for us to become the best in the industry.


We believe in responsibility and commitment.

The best way to build a good relationship with clients is to create an open line of communication. We are open and transparent with what we do. This is how we show our passion toward providing the best service to our business partners.


We believe in positivity and determination.

There is always a way through any problem. When we put our minds into any challenge, we find ways to make things work. This mindset makes us more focused on solutions rather than problems.

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