Time and Attendance Management System (TAMS)

PAYDAY.PH is a web-based Philippine Payroll System designed to manage a company’s employees and payroll processing requirements. The system automates payroll computation while making recording and retrieval of employee records fast and easy.


Create the most reliable employee tracking system for your business with PAYDAY.PH Time and Attendance Management System (TAMS)


Avoid any discrepancies when it comes to your employees’ daily time record. Having a reliable automated system is the key to creating the simplest attendance system any company deserves to have.


View every detail of every employee’s attendance with PAYDAY.PH. Accuracy and precision are the most important elements of TAMS Solution.

Leave management

Guarantee your employees that their leave credits are on point. To do so, PAYDAY.PH gives you the best tracking system for their leave benefits whatever leave credits accumulation system you have set-up for your employees.

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